We Love Our Fans

fansEvery musician says it, but I believe it when I say it, our fans are the best fans a band could hope for.  They are incredibly loyal and awesome. Here is a site that tells you how to get fans.

We have found a home amongst the people who refuse to accept that pop music is the best form of expression.  Essentially, we are THE band for people in their late 20s to early 30s. There is no one out there like us.

We see a lot of the same faces from on concert to another, but the best part is that we’re always seeing new faces as well.  Once someone falls in love with us they bring their friends.  Then their friends love us and bring their friends.  We’re getting a bit of a following.

Another great thing about our fans is amount of money that they spend on us.  They purchase tons of merchandise.  There is no better way to let a band know that you like them then displaying their logo proudly on your shirt. [Read More…]


I asked everyone to write a short bio about themselves this is what they came up with:show


Hello everyone, my name is Mic.  I am a classically trained pianist that has played all over the world.  I get my inspiration from the classical greats.  The question really is, “How did you become a rock pianist?” That is a great question. I’ve been friends with a couple of members of the band for a few years they approached me with the idea and I thought it would be a fun way to spend my time when I wasn’t touring.  I recently decided to take a break from playing classical piano in order to put all my efforts into Oakwood Response Drill.

A little more about me, I am currently single because travelling is hard on relationships.  I enjoy outdoor activities like sports and I also enjoy painting in my garage. [Read More…]

A Week In the Studio

How to watch Netflix overseasYou heard that right! This is Mic the world-famous rock pianist reporting live from a top-secret audio engineering location, where Oakland Response Drill has just entered the studio to lay down some blazing cool new tunes that will rock and roll your heart and soul!

… All right, so maybe it’s not all that dramatic, but it’s true, we’ve hit the studio! We’ve spent the last few months working up some new material and we think it’s about time we start getting it put down for real. There are four tracks that I think are pure gold. Real tasty rock tunes with riffs that sizzle, heavy drums, thumpin’ bass, Richie’s signature wail, and of course those rippin’ keyboard solos by yours truly, who’s clearly the talent holding the whole outfit together (kidding, kidding).

When it comes to those four tracks we’re all on the same page. We’ve also got a pretty good collection of half-worked song ideas that need a little love from some direction or another. There’s one where Richie says he wants to hear some kind of honky-tonk swing coming from my quarter, but I’m feeling there should be more of a Jethro Tull thing going on. That’s full-band songwriting for you though, it’s a real tug-of-war sometimes.

We’re working in a really cool retrofitted storm shelter turned basement studio that one of Lori’s buddies runs, guy’s a freelance sound engineer and she says he’s top notch. He even remodeled a couple rooms upstairs and turned them into guest rooms to accommodate bands that want to do the live-in recording thing. The whole setup is stylish as hell, I love it.

Life in the studio isn’t all rainbows and gumdrops, though. Jane’s drum kit is a beast, it takes forever to set up and get miked right, and then depending on the engineer, laying down the drum tracks can take hours just for one song. Jane is a real maniac on the kit though, she’ll get it done and come out smiling.

Sam, on the other hand, is methodical and insanely talented. He knows what sound he wants and he’ll keep laying down tracks until he gets it exactly right. I’ve got absolutely no complaints though, because even if the rest of us can never explain precisely what it is we want to hear, his stuff always turns out uncannily perfect.

Richie called dibs on recording first, no surprises there, he’s always been the joie de vivre of this group. Knowing him, he’ll strut into that room, belt his lungs out, and sail away with a perfect first take. The rest of us don’t mind waiting, though, we just figured out how to watch Netflix anywhere using this site and we’ve got plenty on our movie list to keep us entertained.

At the very least, we hope to get an EP’s worth of material out of these studio sessions. If the vibe is good and all the cards fall right, we might even walk out of here by next week with a whole album ready to roll. Stay tuned for updates, and as always, thank you for your support!