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Time to listen to the fresh new single from psychedelic rock duo Saint Agnes.

Music Review: Sailing West – Working Girl

Hailing from Chicago, Working Girl have been experimenting with their craft. Sailing West, next week out on Continental Baths, is their debut EP.

Cue dream pop blended with psychedelic beats and obscure R&B. The accompanying press sheet references everyone from Prince through Clams Casino via the Smashing Pumpkins’ guitar work and you may hear hints of various bands and music genres in here.

The falsetto vocal baits of Naomi and Aqua Neue definitely fit into the current fad for emotionally exposed and experimentally produced R&B – the latter manages to sound like a cross between Autre Ne Veut and How To Dress Well. The general sonic landscape here is far less constrained nevertheless, saturated in guitar solos that were freestyled, fuzzy melodies and reverb .

At 14-minutes Sailing West is a short but impressive EP – an instrumental interlude and four brief songs are just just a little desperate for more and just enough to leave me impressed.

Album Review: Baby I’m Off Drugs And I’m Ready To Marry You – Starfoxxx

Baby I’m Off Drugs And I’m Ready To Wed You is the latest release on Donky Pitch, whose recent releases have contained records from Lockah and The Variety and the new album.

Starfoxxx is the solo project of David Beltran and here we are treated by him to a small smeared collage of dreamy, ambient pop. The truth is on listening if that name is played for laughs at all you’ll question – this is an album on slow moving introspection that spends a superb two thirds of its body.

Despite containing no actual lyrics the record flows like a concept album built around a storied night out. Club Entrance (Intro) captures the excitement of a the opening moments of a night before Bae HD and Awful Reception deliver the heat you associate with a club, albeit through a wonky, slowed lens down. The latter signifies the record’s most immediate moment, filled with warm synths and beats that unfold amongst vocal samples that are scattered.

From here things become significantly more psychedelic, perhaps those drugs not being so distant after all. XTC Makeouts has layers of squeaking tunes layered atop deep bass stabs and rimshots, a dubstep deconstruction.

No Text No Call feels like a dance floor course heard through the ears of someone caught in a maudlin trap of their own making, those seconds of fun when you unexpectedly fall to ground through the realisation you still haven’t heard from the individual you most desire to. The track has is filled with bouncy synth crashes and it feel wonderfully reserved.

The track Outro closes Baby… in suitably cinematic form, full of as much mystery as you would expect from such an unusual album. It is like the uncertainty of the final glances of The Graduate, or the scene that is dazed and lost that closes Larry Clark’s film Kids. This can be a peculiar and disjointed record and yet I can’t help but be captured by it is curiousness that is wonderful.

Baby I’m Off Drugs And I’m Ready To Marry You is out on Monday through Donky Pitch.