Hello World Wide Web!

We are Oakwood Response Drill and we’re here to rock your world! We’ve been playing together for about a year now and we love jamming with each other.  Mic plays the keyboard, Jane is on bass, Sam rocks out on lead guitar, Lori plays the drums and I (Richie) am the front man. We’re all in our late 20s or early 30s, and we have found that many people that enjoy our music are able to relate to us on a personal level.

We may have only been playing together for a year but most of us have been friends for a long time.  We are all looking forward to our next great adventure.  We’re going to be big.  If you haven’t heard of us yet, keep your ears open because we are going places.

Some would say we sound like Led Zeppelin mixed with Gomez.  I feel that we have a unique sound and we sound just like ourselves, Oakwood Response Drill.

We decided to start this blog in order to share stories about our lives, fans, concerts, tours and music. I hope you enjoy taking this crazy ride with us. Starting a band from the ground floor can be challenging, but if it’s not challenging, it’s not worth doing!

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