business valuation

Trying My Hand at Online Audio Mastering

business valuation

Hey everyone, Sam the guitar guy here! As Mic mentioned to you in our last update, we were just headed into the studio to whip up some new stuff for you guys. And I’ll say, mission accomplished – we’re not quite ready to share the new material, but hopefully we’ll have that up for you to hear sooner rather than later.

Today I just had a few thoughts and I wanted to send out some feelers. So our studio time went great, we laid out a ton of great stuff and then it was just a matter of mixing and mastering done by the audio engineer. The guy is absolutely great at his job, but damn, having someone do that work for you is expensive! I actually never realized how much a professional guy would charge for mastering, and yeah it’s completely worth it for what we got but I just had no idea.

Thing is, I’m actually pretty good with digital soundboard software. So I was thinking, what’s in the way of me mastering our own stuff? For that matter, why not start myself up a little online business and work from home mixing and mastering other musicians’ work? I could get paid pretty well for just running some programs on my computer. I’ve even got plenty of experience working with Pro Tools and even REAPER (if you’re into that, you know).

So now, being the smart and methodical guy that I am (and so modest, right), I’m researching the right way to start a business. I have the skills, now I just need the know-how and all the nuts and bolts. The whole process seems pretty straightforward, but I just need to make sure I’m taking all the proper steps and pay attention to what’s going on.

First, I file the paperwork. Figure out what I’m offering, how and where to offer it, and identify my customer base. Get my name out there and score a few contracts. Eventually, I’ll want to get a business valuation done to understand the value of my company if I ever want or need to sell it. Make sure I file taxes correctly, of course. (And more paperwork.)

I think I could definitely pull off running my own online business, and it’d be good for everyone. I’d make more money to support my wife and daughter, which would let me give more of my time to the band. And it’d help the band, too – not only would I have more money to put towards our music and promotion, but we also might not have to pay for audio engineering ever again! That could seriously save us thousands of dollars in studio costs.

Just to cover all my bases, I’m also going to enroll in some audio mixing and mastering certification courses too. Some shiny official certificates would look really good on my future business website. Suffice it to say I’m pretty eager to see how this will all turn out for us. Stay tuned!

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