We Love Our Fans

fansEvery musician says it, but I believe it when I say it, our fans are the best fans a band could hope for.  They are incredibly loyal and awesome. Here is a site that tells you how to get fans.

We have found a home amongst the people who refuse to accept that pop music is the best form of expression.  Essentially, we are THE band for people in their late 20s to early 30s. There is no one out there like us.

We see a lot of the same faces from on concert to another, but the best part is that we’re always seeing new faces as well.  Once someone falls in love with us they bring their friends.  Then their friends love us and bring their friends.  We’re getting a bit of a following.

Another great thing about our fans is amount of money that they spend on us.  They purchase tons of merchandise.  There is no better way to let a band know that you like them then displaying their logo proudly on your shirt.

Our fans have also done networking for us.  If someone likes us in a different area they talk to a friend who has a friend who owns a bar and they book us.  They also do a great job at marketing for us, by spreading the word on how cool we are.

We also really appreciate the kindness of our fans.  Many times when we play in different cities we stay with our fans.  It is always a great time.  Staying with likeminded people is awesome.  We always have conversations deep into the night, or if a fan is a fellow musician we do some jam sessions together.

We have amazing lives and we appreciate the people who allow us to perform for them. There is something amazing about entertaining people and connecting with them on a human to human level.

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